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Hi all, we are releasing ProWalker GPU v1.1.4 into Beta for a period of time to get some real-world testing in. 

  • This is a significant update with a relatively comprehensive overhaul of the animation interface, though the core animation workflow has not changed significantly. 
  • Several new animation tools have been added, including keyframe easing, smooth shadow animation, and scene transitions.
  • Render mode, quality settings, camera speed, and tonemapping can now be configured separately for each camera path in your animation.
  • There is a new sequencer/timeline interface, which makes it easier to render multiple camera movements without needing to do compositing in a third-party video editor.
  • This update fixes LEM strength, making LEM brightness much closer to SU Podium for equivalent LEM Power values.
  • Additionally, an LEM strength slider has been added to the lighting dialog allowing real-time global adjustments to LEM brightness.

I am posting this thread for bug reporting and questions.  Some of the UI changes will be intuitive for current ProWalker users, but others are not obvious and we are still working on documenting the new features.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions below, and of course your feedback is greatly appreciated if you run into any bugs.

Beta download and overview


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