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Hi Podium mates,

Right now at my job, we are in the process of revising my title. My tittle right now is " Design Visualization Specialist."  I am wondering, For those who render/ model for a profession, what are your titles?

I am trying to do some research as to what would be a good title, and was leaning towards the "Director of Visualization" but they wanted not use director and to keep me separate from the other directors we have here (art and marketing) 

These are some of the titles my boss found but im not in love with any of them.

3D Art Generalist
3D Architectural Rendering Specialist
Architectural Visualization Specialist
3D Modeler
3D Visual Artist
Senior 3D Artist
3D Architectural Modeling Manager
Digital Imaging Specialist
3D Visualization Designer
3D Visualization Artist
Principal 3D Artist
3D Modeling Specialist
Senior Renderer/Visualization Artist

Any feed back would be great!



Jackie Aiello
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