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Well have you tried VLC player? What other export format have you tied. None of them are working?. We need to know if the issue is with Walker, or your mac lacking the appropriate codecs.

I got a similar issue when installing Adobe after effect last day, my pc did not had the codecs needed for the software to work, I had to download them manually. But this was not an Adobe issue.

Also how big is the video file size? Maybe you can upload it here, and i'll try to read it to see if there's an issue.

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I installed PW, and generated a video file to verify that this works.

It does. I used the h264 m4v output option, and it 'just works'.

I don't know what your issue was, but whatever caused it, it's not a fundamental application problem.


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The possible cause is quicktime doesn't support the movie formats. As you know, Quicktime supports quicktime movie formats (.mov), .mp4 and .m4v with mpeg-4 codec, avi(motion JEPG only), MPEG-2, MPEG-1 H.264, H.263, H.261
To avoid more incomvient things, you can dirctly convert the movies to .mov
Hope it works for you.
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