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Hi all. This is my latest project for a real estate listing. I was asked to make sure interior lights were turned on so I didn't use sunlight to illuminate. Should I have? 

OCI 1.jpg  OCI 2.jpg


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Which preset did you use?

The interior is over-lit. It's like a jewellery shop!

Although you were asked to turn on interior lights, during the day you wouldn't have them all on.

Use the Nudge plugin as part of Podium Extras to randomise repeated components. In reality people don't line stuff up with millimetre precision!


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same thoughts, and maybe some more volume for the carpet?


some baseboards? (same as floor and flushed to the wall with a tiny groove) maybe?


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It took me awhile to pin down what I thought was off in these renders because I like them a lot but I think they enter the uncanny valley a bit and I couldn't place why. After thinking about it, I think it's because the light is too consistent across the entire image and there are no areas of shadow and darkness. Everything is a small range of grayscale. Yea, I get that it's overlit like a jewellery shop as mentioned but then the overall image should probably be brighter but it's mostly grey across the images and not white/bright or dark in shadow. Even the overexposed area on the table in the first image is just a grey so id recommend more variance of light areas and dark areas similar to what bigstick said by potentially turning lights off or maybe having lights brighter in areas and darker in others.  

Also the door and window frames could have a different color (such as a dark grey) and the windows themselves don't seem to exist or certainly aren't reflecting anything. 

You have a lot of windows but the sun is off and not casting any light into the windows as well. 
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