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Dear All, let me introduce way to the final image I created for the render contest.

StudioSceneKitchen2 2016-10-06 17245700000.jpg 

StudioSceneKitchen.VERSENYZOÌ‹S 2016-10-07 19043400000.jpg 
StudioSceneKitchen.VERSENYZOÌ‹S 2016-10-24 17021100000.jpg 
exterior.fine.VERSENYZOÌ‹S 2016-10-31 16330000000.jpg 

VERSENYZOÌ‹S.4. 2016-11-08 15231800000.jpg 
VERSENYZOÌ‹S.5. 2016-11-13 14091200000.jpg 

And .... this is the final one. It is the entry image for the contest:


Thank you for the opportunity. Bigstick! Thank you for your help and support! It is a great contest! 

Hi. My name is Györgyi. I am an interior designer based in Budapest, Hungary. I would like to join to the contest because I would like to measure my designer and rendering skills since I have just started to use SU Podium in June 2016. I hope I can also learn from other competitors. Wish me luck, thank you for the opportunity, kind regards, Györgyi from Budapest.

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