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I am using the following:
SketchUp 2015
Podium version: 2.18.972
Comp spec: 16GB RAM, i7 3.60GHz, 64bit Windows 8.1

When I click Extension/SU Podium V2 Plus/Render the 'Processing Scene' box comes up but no progress is made and the box disappears.
I am able to render if I generate a file and then open OOPR.exe manually and add the generated file to OOPR.exe. This works but is a pain to keep track of which files are which scenes when I have a lot of renders to do.

I do have AVG installed as this is a work computer but even if I disable ALL features of AVG I am still not able to stat a render in SketchUp Extension/SU Podium V2 Plus/Render.

I have tried re-installing Podium using SketchUp 2015 but the above still happens.

Should I try uninstalling Podium and installing it using SketchUp Make 2017?

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You ought to be using SU 2017. I don't think SU2015 is supported any more.


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