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Hi All,

I know there are threads dealing with the black render bugs but this is a different beast..

My problem; I have a large (150mb) masterplan site file with around 12 buildings saved individually for ease of working.

The way that I have set it up is that the buildings are basically (in autocad talk) X-refed into place, making the root files externally editable and able to be worked on individually.


When I render buildings individually in their isolated files all of the materials work like a dream and the renders are good.

When I render the main masterplan file into which the components are loaded, I get black faces!

I have exploded and re-grouped.
My materials are all accessing from the same root folder on the network.

I have attached TWO images, 

1 - a solo render inside the component file.
2 - a render of the masterplan file.

Please HELP, this is driving me mad...

in component render.PNG 

site contours from civil 2015-03-30 15074600000.png


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I suspect that you have materials assigned to groups and components, not to the geometry itself.

This is unpredictable. We all do it because most of the time it just works.

The other thing you could have is texture names that are too long. Sometimes, when you create a new texture on one machine in one model, it will add the entire file path as a prefix. If they are buried deep in a network share, this might be the problem. To fix it, you can edit the textures in an external editor, save them somewhere with a short file path (in the office I use x:\Textures with subfolders) and load them back.

The other problem you could have is that you are saving the blocks to disk, modifying them and loading them back before purging the model - components, textures, layers.
If you don't purge or change the component name, you are just loading back the original.


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