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Hello all,

I am currently working on an outdoor shower project, about 5'x12' with a partition in the center. I am having trouble getting a good view of the interior. Is it possible to render section cuts? I tried this and all I got was a gray screen. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? 

Attached you will find a few images of the shots I am getting.

Also a side note, any tips for good frosted glass that will let some light through?

Brian RIVES SHOWER 3.10.18-0 2018-03-13 19111800000.png  RIVES SHOWER 3.10.18-0 2018-03-13 19133900000.png 


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You can render section cuts, but you need the Podium Section Tool to do it. You get it from here.

For frosted glass, use a grainy texture mid grey in colour, and try starting with the following values:

D30/T70/R0 with the translucency box checked.


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Hello Brian,

You could also hide one of the walls and take some distance to view the scene.
To avoid false light coming in from the opening, I build a black box around my scene. later on you can PP the render to your needs.

the scene with black box:
You can experiment giving the back wall of the box a white colour with some LEM.


an end result could look something like this:


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