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I am wynn and I have a problem about rendering which takes more than 5 hours.
I try to ask my teacher but she can not help ....
I use studio computer at school
please help me find out the issues . you can try "rendering 1" view

thank you and have a nice day!

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skp sea2.skp (40.43 MB, 22 views)


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please help me . It dues next week...

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This is not how things work unfortunately.

We expect people to make at least a little effort to understand, or at least describe the problem, and try to fix it, before they expect someone else to go to the trouble of doing it for you.

We might be able to diagnose the problem very quickly if you post a screenshot, and tell us what the specification of your computer, and tell us which preset you are using.

Some renders can take 5 hours - depending how the scene is configured. 

Run Podium Tools (the spanner/wrench icon) copy the text, and paste it in a new forum post. Chances are we can help much more quickly.


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I am sorry because I did not give any information about my rendering.
I try "interior preview 105" option to render, It often take 30 second or 1' to render any views.
however, I try to render sea file  it takes 3-5 hours but I don't know why.
my teacher tried to help me and found out problems but she gave up on it . she tried to delete all furniture but rendering still took 3-5 hours.
please help me and hope you can find out the problem.
thank you

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Okay, first of all--as mentioned, running the Analyse Tool (the wrench icon) should be your first troubleshooting step.  It really does provide a lot of good information, and very often it will help identify the problem.  In your model it flagged:

1. A DTR problem, which means one of your materials had diffuse/reflection/transparency settings that don't equal 100%.
2. A PSD texture - .PSD files won't render in the current Podium release.

But more importantly for render time:

The "scale shaped" floor mat you have is emitting light (the material has LEM power 10).  And you also have over 30 active omni lights!  Artificial lighting slows down rendering quite a lot.

I removed the LEM properties from the floor and was able to render a 1500x900 image in approximately 7 min with the interior_default preset on a mobile Core i7.  After turning off the Omni lights, render time was down to ~2 min.

Try to rely on natural lighting as much as possible for this scene.  Those windows should provide a decent amount of light, and you can use the Interior_bright presets if necessary.

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We need the analyse and some image to know what we are talking about here [smile]
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