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I just downloaded the free version 2.5 plus on a windows 10, i m a student and never workt with rendering. I renderd my first scene, a view from above and it was ok, second scene is a room from my model but renders either black either white. I have no cieling and turned shadows and sun on off but still nothing. I got one shoot by exploding a component but it workt only once, still the same problem. 
Can someone help!!!  Please

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In the all white scene you are using the interior default preset which boosts lighting level, and it may be washing out your render. Try with the exterior default instead.

The all black scene might just be an error. I get these from time to time and I don't know why. If I render again it generally works as it should.

Have a look at the information on using presets here.


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Sometimes if your SketchUp camera is too close to a wall, podium camera is positioned inside the wall. This will render the scene black. this may not be the case for you. But you might move the camera slightly forward in SketchUp and then try to render.
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