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Here is a better quality file of the project I'm working on. I know it's super bright, nut it is what my client requested. Other than that, how might I make these better? Any feedback is always appreciated.


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First off - just don't make your images over-bright 😉
For exteriors, just turn the SU sun on, and don't add extra lights. That's the starting point. Turn the lights inside the building off, that will give you the most accurate and realistic lighting.

You know they are way too bright, that's what you have been asked for, but why post them if you aren't happy with them?

The lighting is dominating these images to such an extent, that until you make the lighting more natural-looking, there's not that much help we can give.

However, these are my suggestions:

1. Render with Podium Physical sky, not the SketchUp background. If you have enabled the transparent png option for output, you need to add a sky background, and one that matches your image. Best not to do this until you develop a level of competence at rendering
2. Your model needs more detail. You need things like flashings, gutters, downpipes and ridge tiles
3. You need better textures for your copings on your walls. You need a similar detail on the floor where it meets the wall
4. Your model needs to be more realistic. It's not just a matter of detail, the detail you add needs to reasonably represent what you would expect to see built. The rightmost window on the third from last image is simply impossible.  You can't do things like this on a model that you want to look realistic.
5. Your plants are floating and too repetitive
6. Use the free glass texture from the Browser

You've got a long way to go before these look realistic. However, stick with it! What you are trying to achieve is not easy or quick. You need to develop your eye, that means your way of looking at and analysing what you see, and applying it ruthlessly to your work.

Improvement is an incremental process. Try the above things first, and we can gradually refine the results until you produce something that looks a lot better. Don't give up, you'll get there! 😉


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