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This is my 3rd time using SU Podium, first time posting on the forum!  First image I sent to the client for comments.  But he responded by asking for something more realistic.  Second image is the revised one.  Not much PP.  Just touching up some of the grass where there were black spots.  And I combined 2 rendered images, one without the sky dome and one with the sky dome, as I thought the dome diffused the light too much.  Any comments welcome!

16035 3D Exterior Final 01.jpg 
16035 3D Exterior Final 02.jpg 


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These are not bad images by any means, but few things to note to improve realism.

1. In the second image you have applied reflection to the asphalt on the drive - [nono]  It looks much better in the first.
2. Try adding some bump to the drive. Usually I don't recommend this, but as you can see it up close, it might help
3. If you use a skydome, you need to increase sun intensity and exposure
4. Your model needs more realism. It's not good enough for a good render. If you want your model to look realistic, you need to model it realistically. 

Is the wall a plain colour or have you used a texture? It needs a texture, but maybe you can't see it easily from this distance.
You've got a tarmac drive which slopes up to the door. You never see this in domestic buildings. You need a level approach, but you don't do it in tarmac in domestic building. You need paving next to the building, and you would have to hand lay tarmac next to the post supports - not great
You have also used commercial road kerbs along your drive edge and around the house. You never see this either, and it looks like they are floating above the driveway
Try adding casements to the windows. Bear in mind that there is a maximum casement size...
Orientate the timber grain properly on the door
The long window on the left disappears into the floor
Gutters and downpipes have fixing brackets
The edge of the tiles at the verge have a thickness or a dry verge detail
That porch simply doesn't work against the glass. You can't support the structure, you can't seal the joint and the glass will get filthy
The stone supports for the timber posts won't work
Your planting just isn't at all convincing
The gap between the window head and cills of the storey above don't work. Typically for domestic buildings you work on 2.1m to the door head, with a floor-ceiling height of 2.4m, and a 200mm floor zone. this will give you 500mm between the window head and the floor level. Your windows seem to indicate double height spaces in all the rooms on the front elevation.
The relationship between the ground level and floor level isn't right. You typically get a 150mm step, but you need a level approach which you usually do with paving
Where are the ridge tiles?


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