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This is my first post. I had to work fast on this one. I would consider this my 90% check image.  Any comments are appreciated, as the client may come back for more renderings of this space.

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Aaron Klein


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Not bad!

For improvements, I would suggest the following:

1. Change the material on the bar - the texture you are using is not good. You can see the repeat, that's never helpful...

2. Install Podium Tools, use the Nudge plugin and randomise the position and rotation of your stools and chairs. Only rotate in the z direction obviously 😉

3. Remove the 2d items from the tables and replace them with 3d items. More on this later

4. Add a little blurred reflection (5% should be enough) to the painted timber - chairs in particular

5. Add a proper texture to the aircon ducts. This should be a galvanised texture with seams. They look like this normally. I looked for a similar texture, couldn't find one, so I made one for you - see below. Use blurred reflection of no more than 5% for this. I haven't tested it yet, but even so it should work a lot better than what you have

6. That wall finish either side of the fireplace is too reflective. I have no idea what the material is, which is another problem. If it's timber then - you need a much better texture, and to turn reflection down big time and make it blurred. if it's shiny ceramic tiling, you need to show the joints, maybe add some bump - and use a better texture

7. You need more glasses on the table, and to take a serious look at the people in the bar. Dave in the middle, looking awkward as the only guy in a suit drinking in a bar full of young people is calling a non-existent bartender. Has he decided he doesn't want to serve him and he's disappeared? Of the two girls on the left, the leftmost one is swaying, but despite being the kind of the place that has a big array of beer taps (around 16) she seems to be drinking coffee? In a mug? The people really need to be looked at again. Most are okay to be fair - but some look distinctly odd
8. Use the smoothing tool on your ducts

9. What is that big vertical column that dominates the render? It looks Photoshopped, which is a big no-no. Render the geometry. Photoshop is for adjusting the brightness/tone/colour balance. Never add things in Photoshop that are supposed to be 3 dimensional in an interior scene. It's the quickest way to screw up a render. For exteriors, you can do this with foreground planting that frames a scene, or in the very background where it doesn't cast shadows. Otherwise - don't do it. The vast majority of people (including me) can't use Photoshop remotely well enough to add elements in scenes that are supposed to represent real 3d objects

10. You have big windows with sunlight streaming in, and the lights on over those tables. In a deep room like this you would need lights in the daytime - but not the ones next to the windows! Either turn those off or turn shadows off in SU and let the artificial light illuminate the scene.

11. Add a little blurred reflection to those lampshades

12. Always model with extruded geometry - never simple planes. Either your walls or ceiling are single planes, you can tell by the junction between the ceiling and walls on the left. This is why you should use extruded geometry - most render engines have trouble with these conditions, Podium included.

Most of these things are quick to do, and take no more time than what you have already done. The golden rule is to try to do it right first time. It's not the model or render time that is important, it's the decision-making that precedes it 😉


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I truly appreciate this constructive feedback! 

Aaron Klein

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Great start for the rendering. 

I'm still trying to get my workflow together but how long did the model take?

Who knows? 
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