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Often in my real world the images required are of small areas - particularly bathrooms, with small, and in this case no, windows. I would really appreciate any tips on how to optimise the field of view, and deal with all the reflections. In this case (raw image - no post processing or cropping) I have made the walls transparent from the outside to get the camera further back and introduce light. I am ok with the result so far as it is only on the default setting. The colours etc are spot on, so I am guessing using AA setting will fix the few artefacts, etc. Noahs - bathroom - Premier 2017-08-28 20061000000.jpg  Noahs - bathroom - Premier 2017-08-28 20451400000.jpg 

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I think using an LEM behind the camera would help a lot (like a flash on a camera)

also, try using the parallel projection with a correct observer's height 

maybe using the advanced glass material from the browser

adding hardware to the glass, hinges, and supports (check the Shower stall 02) from the browser to see an example

the toilet paper needs to be on the other side right?

maybe a test with the QMC interior?



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Hey thanks, your advice is very much welcome.
I had tried the LEM behind the camera but it created reflections I didn't like. (I think this might have been before I added the wall back in though, so along with your other suggestions, I will certainly give it another crack.)
I thought the camera height was about right at 1500. Maybe the door knob is a bit high and distorts this. Also the colouring in the floor was important, as was showing the positioning of the floor waste, so I had to show as much of this as possible.
The glass screen is frameless and will be set into the substrate - therefore no fixings.
If you are referring to the holder on the shower side of the vanity shelf, this is a "hanger" for hair dryers which was specified by the designer.
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