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Hi all, Sorry for not posting any updates, coming out of a very busy time at work and only just returning here. Just wanted to post a quick update on this one. Really just updated the stainless texture on the oven and hood, not much else. I haven't revisited the glass in the cakestand yet. I also want to change the metal texture on the knives because the chrome doesn't look right. I'll do one final pass and call this one done. In the meantime here is where it stands. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who offered helpful advice , this was only my second "real render" using podium so the learning curve was huge!

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Just personal opinions is an excellent render!

  • try adding a very light texture on the counter (maybe is a Corian surface or quartz, they have a very light texture on them, try checking the material on their webpage and make a seamless texture out of it)
  • the level on the left cabinet does not match the one on the right side (for me is an error, maybe you extrude the cabinet to match the bottom of the shelf, but that part on the shelf is useless, better extrude the cabinet to the wall, is going to be a "filler" but usable space on the inside)
  • the top right vase is on the edge of the shelf maybe scale it down a bit?
  • I love the magnet knife hanger (I have the same in my kitchen!)
  • for me the outlets they don't look good, maybe try them horizontally, and even try to put them on the center of a tile (custom cut and everything, but is better than the current)
  • contact shadows on the counter items, flower vase, cake stand (maybe add a cake?) etc etc
  • contact shadow at the bottom of cabinets
  • I don't understand the sink faucet, is on the corner? if is on the corner try rotating 45 degrees to the center of the sink, and the window will need a proper "stop" for the water very messy area...
  • good lights good detailing!


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Thanks Arqcova!

Many good suggestions there. My only comment would be on the contact shadows, everything is elevated between 1-2mm off the surface, is there another way to achieve better contact shadows? I realized that I cut off the info bar, but this was rendered with interior default settings.
For the cabinet on the left, if it went all the way to the wall the door would be blocked by the shelf. But I realize that it is very unrealistic to have the cabinet at a different level than the adjacent one, in this scenario it would make far more sense to line the shelves up with the cabinets [rolleyes]
Good catch with the faucet, I believe the sink basin is a Kohler model and I just plopped a faucet on there...
At this point I will probably take all of your advice and apply it to the next model, but you never know maybe I'll go back into this one one more time...

Thanks again!

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All the basics are there for a great render. A few little touches could make noticeable improvements.

1. Use the roundcorner plugin for the worktop edges. For the worktop, Andrès's suggestion of adding a slight texture is really good. You can do this in Photoshop using the noise filter. Start with the basic blue colour, set it to both background and foreground colour, then using the colour picker, make one of the colours slightly lighter or darker. Then use the noise filter. It creates noise based on the current colours. This way you should have a very subtle speckle. You can blur it if necessary when you are done. 

2. Create a joint between the horizontal surface of the worktop and the side. This can't be made in one piece at that thickness because it's too fragile, so there will be a join. Materials like Corian can be jointed very finely, so you might want to use a line overlay to define the joint.

3. The point about contact shadows is a good one, it's a very quick way to add an extra element of realism. Wherever you are at the moment look around you at the nearest table and floor. Look at where objects that sit on other objects touch. See that fine dark shadow edge? That's a contact shadow. It's created by the fact that almost everything has a slightly rounded edge. This creates the fine shadow lines. Every piece of furniture that rests on a floor, every skirting/base board, everything that rests on a table or shelf. We built Podium Extras to both randomise and float objects to improve realism. Elevate your components by 1mm or so. 2mm would be better for the skirtings.

4. Podium Extras allows you to also randomise the positions of objects. Those plates in the stack on the shelves, and the locations of the jars are all lined up very precisely. The randomise function allows you to get a more natural distribution with a couple of clicks. This works really well on things like plates. I've done this in the office and it looks really neat. You will need to experiment with the settings a little, but the plugin operation allows you to do do this easily. The people that do all the 3d models for IKEA (yup, virtually everything in their catalogues is rendered) built a plugin to do this, and when I was designing the Nudge plugin, I wanted a similar result.


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Thanks for all the tips! I will definitely put these to use in my next render! [thumb]
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