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i've always heard that compositing images will bust photomatch since it combines different camera fov's into 1 image which makes it digitally distorted for photomatch. Thanks again Atrod (you should, again, post this in the help/tip section as it's very good!)

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Absolutely... bust up it does.

Have you ever used MS ICE? I'm sure there are other "stitchers" out there. I had it in conjunction with the old photosynth phone app. and since it does the job for now, I still use it.

Once stitched you have a few projection options to choose from depending on what your use for the output format would be. I scrolled through them until there was one that stayed as close to the planar projection of the original photo as possible. You can also move the image around which works a little like the warp command in photoshop. Between the two set of adjustments, I can get close enough for what I'm doing. The larger the stitching exercise the more distortion you'll have to deal with. I have had to adjust the final stitched image from time to time as well.

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