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I guess this one's for TBD og Dave...


It's been really great to follow Podiums speedy development, and all those improvements TBD has been able to implement AND have a baby at the same time!!!


I'm gonna buy a PC before i head back to school in september, but have become quite addicted to playing around with Podium. I just didn't want to buy the download version since my current laptop isn't really up to date.


Since the CD version is available it's another deal, though, and that leads me to my question. (finally!)


Since I'm still considered a student here in Denmark, eventhough I'm not currently attending any classes. Can I buy the student license CD version? Or will I have to wait untill I start again in september?

I sure would like to fool around with the licensed version untill then, eventhough it sounds quite geeky/kinky!!!


Kind regards - and than you for all your hard work!



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Hi, i'm an italian student and I'm interested to purchase Supodium. I want to know if I can buy the student version.


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if you have a valid student license than you can apply for the student discount
go to for more info

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