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I'm comparing render engine recently.
It's quiet interesting but also a little bit confusing.
Just some images for you guys take a look.

SU Podium V2.5 ,Preset:3_interior_high ,Res:2560x1920 ,Render time:45mins
Nice kitchen-Podium-PIE.jpg 

ProWalker V1.1.7 ,Pr-mode ,Res:2560x1920 ,Render time:auto-mode(10mins)
Nice kitchen-ProWalker-PIE.jpg 

Which one do you love more?



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I'm liking the Podium one best. The softness of the light and shadow conveys a more welcoming image.
I do like the richer depth of color of the ProWalker image though.

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For me, the lighting in the Podium render does look better, it's more subtle, but it's only when you really start to look carefully that you can quantify why.

Look at the floor in particular, and the shadows of the stools reflected in the cabinets. Also look at the shadows on the left hand side of the cupboard between the wall. That is what is taking the extra time.

It would be interesting to see how the interior default render compares. it will be faster, but I doubt as fast as ProWalker, but I suspect quality won't be as good.

Great PW render for just 10 minutes though!


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