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Hi everyone,
i make this render and panoramic image on v2,5 for my friend. He is wanted from me panoramic can I do it?
(render time 2 days and 11 hours )

Untitled 2018-12-07 12133600000.png

So Say We All...

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too much repetition in your shelves, try and randomize the goods on display 
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Agreed... supermarket shelves are repetitive by nature, but some slight variation will help a lot.

Do you know about the Nudge tool?

Long story short, it lets you select an bunch of components and lets you randomize their position, scale, and rotation.  It's in the Podium Extras menu.

Panorama - Is he okay with it being pixelated like this?  You need a much higher resolution for it to be clear, I'm afraid.  But two days and 11 hours is already outrageously long. 

You could use CubicVR to capture a non-photorealistic panorama of the SketchUp scene.

By animation, do you mean he wants a video of the full panorama?  I would upload it to Panopdm as you've done, and then turn on the auto-rotate feature.  Then use Camtasia or OBS to capture the 360 degree rotation and export an .mp4.

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