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Thank's for the answer. I will try it out to see if it works with my set up.

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Sad to find out that my SU Podium render does not work with Skatter's enabling of parametric spread of vegetation inside of sketchup.  Grass is an extremely important aspect for the work that I do [architecture/ landscape design] and i'm sure for alot of designers as well.  The potentials of what Skatter brings to the table will definitely enable me to shorten the production time/ processing for my visualization projects especially post production work in Photoshop. I've been using SU Podium for about 3 years now and am a big fan because of the simplicity combined with the quality output of the renders as well as the number of contents within the podium browser.  I hope Podium will continue to develop and enable Skatter for use on Podium's rendering platform.  An announcement for when Podium will be compatible with Skatter would be great.  Thanks!

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We know about this, it currently works but we need to support instancing to fully benefit. This is indeed coming in Podium 3. The timescale is likely to be several months unfortunately.


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