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What do you think? "DIRKX Interieurarchitectuur" BVD A1.jpg  BVD A2.jpg  BVD A3.jpg  BVD A4.jpg  BVD A5.jpg  BVD A6.jpg  BVD A7.jpg  BVD A8.jpg  BVD A9.jpg  BVD A10.jpg  BVD A11.jpg  BVD A12.jpg  BVD A13.jpg  BVD A14.jpg  BVD A15.jpg  BVD A16.jpg  BVD A17.jpg  BVD A18.jpg  BVD A19.jpg  BVD A20.jpg  BVD A21.jpg  BVD A22.jpg  BVD A23.jpg  BVD A24.jpg

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The attention to detail is really excellent and most of the texturing is really good too. Unfortunately all the images are way over-lit.

That's clearly a kind of stylised look, but to me they fall between something realistic and something more impressionistic.

I don't think the black ironmongery works. It would be slightly glossy, not that matt finish you have. It would be fine as a stylised image, but it's too realistic and not stylised enough to be convincing. It's in 'uncanny valley' territory.

I also think a line overlay in the bathroom where you draw the joints on the tiles (you won't have full size stone tiles there) would be a big improvement.

The black fabrics have no definition at all. They shouldn't be flat black and untextured.

You need to use the roundcorner plugin on your edges. They will make excellent modelling even better [wink]


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For the most part these are very pleasing and "sell" this apartment or condo.  The round corner plug-in Big Stick is referring to is Fredo's RoundCorner Extension.  I am not sure if it's on Extensions Warehouse of SketchUcation. But there are other fillet type plug-ins.  But I'm not sure round corners are needed on anything but the counter tops and desks.  I particularly like #7.  I think using some natural sun light where you can, would make the lighting uneven and a little more natural.  A good tip is to use Extensions Warehouse's solar north. That way you can control where the sun is and use shadow time to angle the sun so lighting illuminates the interior.  Podium has really advanced Global Illumination (indirect lighting) so it's not always necessary to us LEMs (which I think you are using?)  I would love to see image #7 again with a little sunlight.
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