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An ongoing projects I though it was good to get some feedback on before we deliver in a couple of weeks. Im struggling with high poly counts when I'm trying to use 3d grass and flowers so in this one there is a combination, you can probably tell which is photoshopped and which isn't. But this model is 12 million polys which is a tad much for my mac.

Any feedback is appreciated!
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It looks excellent to me, I think its a good mix of Podium and Photoshop.

I like the water, this is really nice, the 3D trees also suit the scene very well too.

The brick buildings lack a bit of detail but maybe this is not necessary for what you are trying to convey.

The people in the scene are not too bad, I have seen much worse before.

Overall excellent work, especially for a model that is breaking the computer in size!



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Thanks Natstar. Yes the buildings are a bit coarse but for this kind of feasibility study its unfortunately all i have the time for, its more about the general use of the hospital area.

The people are also a combination of some 3d and some photoshop.

Thanks for your feedback, highly appreciated!

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Very nice image!

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I really like this - great work!

The Photoshop work and render blend really nicely. You have really improved this aspect of your renders, and although I have been critical of some of your work in the past - it's always really good!

You have developed your skills, and it shows [smile] 

Your use of people is also better than I've seen in any of your other images I think! Most of them look quite natural. It looks like some are in the SU file, and some have been Photoshopped. I can tell which are which [smile]



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This is great!!! Very nice work. 
The only "mistake" I can see is the two people on the deck. See their shadows. They are on the air. And maybe the grass in the middle is too tall for a place like that.

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Thanks for all the feedback! Here is another shot from the same project. Some of the people are quite bad, will fix them before final delivery.

CV3D_design: Thanks for your sharp eyes, I hadn't noticed. Will fix it. And yes, maybe I`ll have to fix the grass as well.

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