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I seem to be getting an unexpected "reflection", not sure what else to call it, when I render the attached scene... Please see attached images to understand what I mean! The "reflected" objects (stairs, bottles etc.) are physically to the scenes "left" are not visible when I view in Sketchup but are visible in the large glass panels after rendering. It's not really a reflection either as the objects are not visually reflected (i.e. reversed).

Have checked all material properties and nothing seems to have reflective properties excluding the glass which just has the 'glass' refraction on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Using Sketchup 2017, SU Podium 2.5.704.    


Podium Render.jpg
Sketchup Scene.jpg


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Hi Sarah, did you try without the refraction on the glass? Set it to "None" and see what happens.

I'm pretty sure we're just seeing the objects on the other side of the partition being displaced due to refraction.  But to my knowledge, refraction from a flat plane like that should barely be noticeable... I think it you turn it off you'll be good to go.


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Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reply.

I have just turned the refraction offs and am doing a test render. I did in the meantime, redraw the glass panels but haven't had a chance to do a test render to see if that resolved the problem...
It seems to be rendering correctly now though - not sure which solution resolved the problem but thank you for your help anyway!


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