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viso3D, a program that converts SketchUp models to a .xcs file that can be viewed/ navigated on the iPad, has been released.  A web site and Forum was created. This is a Cadalog, Inc. product so I wanted Podium users to be the first to know.
There's two programs that comprise Viso3D.  One is the SketchUp plug-in which exports the SketchUp model and can add a lightmap to the model.  This is currently only working in Windows and only in SU 8.  The lightmap will "bake" SketchUp shadows into the models textures and simulate sunlight as well as provide ambient light and indirect light with ambient occlusion.
The developers think they will have a Mac port done in one or two weeks but we shall see.
The other program is the free iOs app downloadable from the iTunes app store.  It's called Viso3D.  This program will open the .xcs file so you can navigate the exported SketchUp model on your iPad or iPhone.  Memory is a big factor so very large models, even if they are exported successful, might not open on the iPad. 
There's a 30 day free trial for the exporter.  Adding the lightmap during exporting will increase the .xcs file size so beware.  The exporter has an intro price of $49.00.  We have a forum setup on so ask questions there.

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I've been playing with Viso3D for a while and it's a really cool application for navigating through 3d files. It's like Podium Walker, but I prefer it
I also prefer it to SketchUp's walkthrough tool.

One thing worth mentioning is that the maximum skp file size is about 17mb. The xcs files are a lot smaller than that and are very compressed. Trying to navigate large or complex 3d files on an iPad is bound to end in tears!

Check out the free models on the Viso3D page.


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