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The Mix Master
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Step by Step Instructions on How to Create This:

1. You will need two source files - a Podium Image, and a Sketchup export, both taken from the same view.

Here is the Podium rendering - I assume you know how to do this already.

2. From Sketchup, export a jpg (make sure profiles are set to 1 or turned off, and use image size of at least 3000x2000 to get nice thin lines):

You should get an image like this:

3. Open Podium file in Photoshop, right click that layer and duplicate it.

4. Set top layer to "screen" with around 50% opacity. This lightens the image.

5. Check the height of the Podium image - in this case it is 768 pixels high.

6. Open the sketchup export and resize it to be the same height. Never mind the width.

7. Drag Sketchup export on top of the two Podium images, apply "multiply" which makes the white areas transparent, and center it to align with the colors below.

8. Click the "adjustment layer" button and apply color balance, adjust sliders to lessen the bluish tone.

9. Do another "adjustment layer" and this time apply levels, adjust the triangles to tweak the contrast. Notice in the layer order, the two Podium layers always stay at the bottom, and the Sketchup export layer is always at the top.

10. If you want to recolor the sky, choose the top layer, and use magic wand to just pick the sky.

11. Make a new layer. Select a blue color. Pick gradient tool, make sure it is going from blue to transparent, and drag downwards over the sky.

12. If you need to fix certain other areas (in this case some greenish panels), use magic wand again to select just those areas and then apply an adjustment layer as needed. It is easier if you are in the Sketchup export layer (the hidden line one) when doing the selecting. Once again, move layers around so that the two Podium layers always stay at the bottom, and the Sketchup export layer is always at the top.

13. Once all tweaking is complete, flatten the image.

14. If you want to remove three point perspective, select the whole image and use "free transform". (I skipped a step here where i increased the canvas size to add more sky).

15. Add noise. For some reason this always makes the image look much better.

16. Crop image as needed - in this case to reduce foreground.

16. Finished:

Regards to Biebel who taught me many of these techniques (step 4 and 15).

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You sir are my personal hero for the year.  I admire your work and your post processing abilities have been an inspiration and have helped greatly with my own ventures in my firm.  Thanks again for the great techniques!!!

"Architecture is the art of how to waste space."
- Philip Johnson

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Well at first when I saw the thread title i thought that it would be a pretty simple tut.

But it seems really well done and thorough! And what a result! gotta try it myself!


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Excellent tut. This would help a lot of people.


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Perfectionist Master
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very nice and thorough tutorial, and really sweet final image!!

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Awsom !!! Thanks !!!

¿sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ɹǝʇʇǝq ʇı ʇ,usı

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Thanks a lot! You are a master on that technique !
Great job!

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Thank you very much.

Eric Lay

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Absolutely beautiful


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looks like a world-class hospital in-the-making. can't wait to see it in real life

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Cool result!

Same resume  process  for a speedy motor byke Model by Orgelf

Frenchy Pilou
Is beautiful that please without concept!
Speedy Galerie

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zem, thanks EVER SO MUCH!
The pics are to die for, and the tutorial is so well-written and clearly put, that even a PS dunce like me can follow it.
Needless to say the tut is a crash course through the fundamentals (and much more) of Photoshop, such as I have yet to encounter elsewhere on the internet! After reading it, I feel I know so much about Photoshop!
I really appreciate the time you devoted to put this all together and share it so generously. As far as I'm concerned, you deserve a second master-hood!
I feel I can't be grateful enough...

"we're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the chintz"...

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thanks...zem..amazing work and gr8 giudance...


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Art Master
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Very nice zem. Thanks
Oh and you don't need to center the upper layer in php. Just drag it from layer's palette onto the other image.

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The Mix Master
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Michaliszizziou - do you mean by dragging from the layer pallette instead of the image itself, that layer will automatically come in centered? That's a great tip... I didn't know that  (I just tried that - it was almost centered, but i still had to nudge it one pixel left)

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