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Maître érudit
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Artisan has a pretty solid poly reducer.
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Originally Posted by DavorP
Thanks Bedo, do you know some free 3D software for simplifying geometry or some plugins for SU. I tried polyreduce with B&B models but it doesn't work that good.

I don't know of other free plugins for that, neither paid ones.

I have that polyreduce thing aswel but i do not use it as much as i probably should.( it's no wonder some of my sofa models end up being 11mb or more) because it either gets stuck or crucial parts end up missing

i've come acustomed to just turning the model inside out, like cabinets/dressers that sort of thing i just delete whatever isnt going to be visible on a render:shelves,screws, the entire backside and all other pointless crap.that will tone the model down alot and then just smoove it to an extent where i can still texture/project texture it properly. wish there was one magic wand for all of it :-)

nada se mueve si no lo empujo yo

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Nice work, thanks Bedo!

Deep Exploration is an excellent application for converting file formats, and it has a great polyreducer. It's not cheap, but it's an awesome piece of software.


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