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Hey everyone,

Below is a raw, unedited render of a bar scene I have created. 

Any other tips for improvement or ideas for editing would be appreciated!


1801_GENERAL PUBLIC_REV C-0 2018-11-18 12504400000.png 


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I think it's a great design.
Something I've found useful in getting my models to be lighted more uniformly is adding a hidden LEM plane the covers the entire area of the space. I usually set the power to just 1-2 foot candles and place it a few inches below the model's ceiling. All the placed lights such as your back-lit mirror will still glow/ look as though they are light sources, but it helps brighten up the model more. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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One thing that immediately gives you more realism is the extension RoundCorners. It hasn't to bee much; one segment give you already a highlight on the edge. Do this for the walls and tables.
Futher small details does the job either. such as a cup, plate, plant on the tables.
Give the front table a little (more?) blurred reflection.
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