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Coming from vray (still using it) I would very much like the lights to be a bit more 'findable'. The minimal lining of lights and the puny size of a omni make working with podium not the easiest of experiences. PLease add some visual clues, so one could spot the spots a bit easier. 

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This is actually a combination of your SketchUp display preferences and your hardware/software configuration. With a very high resolution display and certain SU style combinations, it can make the light objects very difficult to see.

This is what I see on my machine:

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 15.32.56.png 

If you go to the folder where SU is installed, you can change the size of the default geometry for the components we use for the lights.

On the Mac it's here: <\Library\Application Support\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\plugins\SU_Podium_V2.5\plug_in\components>. I'm not sure where it is on PC, but if you search for either of the following filenames (light-point.skp or light-spot.skp) you will find it.

Copy the originals, rename them, and scale up the geometry of the originals from the origin point - voilĂ .

Don't scale them up too much, because with some particularly small fittings, you might find that the light geometry definition won't fit inside it, making your light look a bit weird.

When we created these components, screen resolutions were quite a lot lower. We probably ought to increase the scale...


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