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CafeBar scene1.jpg  CafeBar scene2.jpg  CafeBar scene3.jpg

Hi Everyone,
I am new to Podium and would like to hear some advises for these renders.

Also, I found it difficult to render `silver-ish` materials such as stainless, brushed steel, aluminum, etc. (I used some of these materials in the installation above the bar counter.)
Could someone share your experience?

Thank you in advance!


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The biggest thing to note is that you have over-lit your scene, which has killed your global illumination. There are almost no shadows, which is making everything look 2d and flat.

You need to understand where the light comes from, and make sure that it can be seen in your renders. 

Everything in these is washed-out.

Start by taking out any lighting that does not come from fittings. Have a look how this looks first. Then only add as little fill lighting as necessary, very low power to start with.


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