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I'm an IT manager in a quite big organiztion that deals with installation of speciall electrical devices on customer sites. In order to do this our technicians arrive to the customers, take a picture of the area near the house (aka parking lot) and then draws the planned work on the picture.
For example: here we will need to dig 5 meters to put a cable, here we will need to drill in the wall, there we will install the device itself, this is how we will connect it to the existing socket, here we need a new socket.
The components used are predefined and we would like to have them available the application with various attribute (price, size, color etc) + have them rotating, scaling and available for playing with the perspective...
The idea is to have the electricians create realistic sketches on the spot and have the customer concent to do the work.
Also in the future we would like to connect this via tha API available to our back-end systems, like SAP, in order to create an automatic Build of Material according to the components used on the drawing, as well as send a PDF with the sketch to the customer via email or something.
Do you have any idea if this idea can fly? If so how? Please also consider that often they will not have online connection to the internet and that their software expertise are not particulary high, as they are not acustom to even using CAD applications to do their work, their main tool until today was a drill and a showel...

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Potentially, I think so. However this doesn't have much to do with Podium.

If I understand you correctly, you want a visualisation package linked to a component library with attribute data that can be integrated into your backoffice setup.

I'm sure it could be done, but the investment in training and technology would probably mean that a 3d solution is not practical. For SketchUp, you would probably be better off creating a single plane, applying the photograph to that plane, and using a SketchUp component library with database functions.

You might even be better off with a custom tablet app.

More information on SU customisation can be found here.


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Yeah... what you are suggesting is kind of what I was looking for... just looking for a practical way to find a solution for this requirement
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