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Hi guys~it's time for the end of 2019!
Here's a kitchen model that I downloaded from the web.

In this case, I'm going to share the importance of kitchen accessories.
Look at the original scene.
Two-Row Kitchen-RAW-Empty.png 
The details of model are perfect enough.
But you might have the same feeling like me, seems lacking something.

I started wondering what it should be? Materials? Lighting? Camera position? Or background?

The answer that I figured out is decorations.
At this time, Podium Browser will help you.

Here is the new scene after I modified.
Two-Row Kitchen-RAW.png 
Finally, I prefer my scene looks a little warmer & brighter.
So I did some adjustments on my raw image in PIE.(White Balance)
Two-Row Kitchen-PIE.png 
That's the essentials for a kitchen.

Preset: 3_interior_high
Resolution: 1920x2560
Render Time: 2 Hours



You're never wrong to do the right thing.

-mark twain


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Great tip. I'm working on render of a bathroom right now and accessories/decorations are making a difference. Thanks.
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