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Well, not many posts these days so let the amateurs take over.  Damn the critics.  I encourage all "amateurs" to post to the gallery.
Some "studies" I have done comparing ProWalker still images, ID mode and PR mode as well as SU Podium HDRI background. 
This model is features in Nick's exterior rendering tutorial here.
The model was provide to us by a customer who wanted some tips.
I took Nick's rendering, added a few more trees.  And rendered in ProWalker ID mode, ProWalker PR model and also in SU Podium V2.6.  The below is using PR mode at 1000 samples.  Sunset HDRI background.  (I had to rotate the model because we don't have that cool HDRI rotate UI that Podium V2.6 has in ProWalker yet).


You can see in PR mode, I get LEM lighting but the definition of the house's siding is lost.
The 2nd image is using ID mode.  ID mode can not render LEMs but the houses siding is much more clear.

3rd image is blended of ID and PR mode.  I simply used PIE to do this (using the Overlay background feature). Added some saturation in PP

4th image is done using SU Podium V2.6 Beta (this is a bit unfair because this has not been released yet in beta).  I had to use a denoiser to remove some of the noise created by the HDRI background.  preset use was interior_fine_AA.  The Podium version is a bit brighter and you can see is I used a little too much denoise as the grass is blurred.



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Thanks Dave, for the compares,
I know the hardware differences between ProWalker (using graphics processor) and SU Podium does not.
And that Pro Walker is more for making animations, but if it comes to making realistic renders SU Podium is still the program to use?
I would love to use the GPU to make renders faster, but I also want the best way to make a realistic render. (can't wait till HDRI comes to SU Podium)

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Here's the interesting thing - for exteriors, Pro Walker is probably not really any different in terms of quality to Podium. It's not aimed at animation. As for speed, I can't say whether it's much faster.

It depends how you configure it - it can be very fast and quality is generally fabulous.

For interiors, I still prefer Podium, but ProWalker quality is great! If you have a suitably powerful GPU, you are going to get faster results with Prowalker. You will probably also get more accurate results.

Prowalker has improved a lot, and it's a great product.

For realism, the limit is your ability not the render engine, and it's probably down to individual preference. A lot of realism nowadays is about post-processing as well, and PIE works really, really well with Podium. It's not integrated into ProWalker in the same way. PIE has some great features coming!

There are some things that Podium can do that ProWalker can't, and I personally think its global illumination is more subtle, but most people probably won't notice. 😉

Podium IBL or image based lighting (HDRI is the tonal output, it already does that, what we are referring to is 360 degree skydomes where the lighting comes from the background image) is very, very cool, but the only drawback is that you need to use slower presets for it.


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I use both ProWalker and SU Podium. so does Justin.  ProWalker's artificial lighting support is closer to SU Podium than what PoidumWalker was...which was a big problem.  ProWalker does support LEM but not colored LEMs (yet) or hidden LEM.
The big surprise to me is that most ProWalker customers seem to be using it to create still images and not animations....(which takes a lot of GPU hardware)
So if you have decent Nvidia GPU, you can get fast renderings.  I often use ProWalker first just to check out how things look.  I can move around the scene close to real time.  Then render in SU Podium.
BTW - ProWalker was first to support HDR/IBL lighting.  It does not have the ability to rotate the HDRI/ IBL sky like SU Podium V2.6 does, yet.
And the HDR/ IBL lighting is clean and fast. 
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