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This is my first try for V2.6 HDRI
Preset Mode is 3_interior_finAA_HDR
Lighting is sunset.hdri + LEM outside of windows
Resolution is 2560 x 1570
Render time is 53 mins
Post-Process with white balance 6100
IMO, with the new feature of V2.6 (HDRI lighting mode) will be easier for users to generate soft shadow effects in seconds.
And don't forget to use Nudge plugin in Podium Extra.
Slightly move furniture and cabinets upward from floor will be more realistic for the final result. 



You're never wrong to do the right thing.

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Wow Zeus, that's a great image. A lot of skills here. What I particularly like is the overall mood of the image, mostly due to the natural soft lighting (use of HDRI sunset + LEM really works here).
Maybe I would lower the reflection of the material used on the fridge, or use blurred reflection (I'm not sure the chairs should reflect that much - IMO)
Again, I think this is one for the books

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Only thing that really stood out to me was the glass used in the light bulbs above the tables. Something with less refraction, they almost have a glass-filled-with-water effect to them right now.
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