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Trying to get the 2018 trial version to work, but each time I try to render; nothing! I searched the forum and followed a poorly described method in 2011 to resolve this by a moderator. I know you are trying to help, but a vast majority of users including me, do not have IT expertise and I need a simple method to get this to work. I have the windows version, 64 bit. Generating an OOPR file script as described does not do anything for me. Please! any simple directions on how to resolve this will be helpful, otherwise i'm off to Shaderlight!!

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Sounds like something is probably blocking OOPR.exe.  Do you even see the Processing Scenes dialog when you click render?

Can you disable your anti-virus and firewall, and then attempt to render?  If this works, you will need to add an exception for OOPR.

Also, generating a script is a two part process

1. Generate the script.
2. Render the script.

This is explained here, there's also a short video:

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Generally everything ‘just works’ but unfortunately computers are so complicated that any number of things can conspire to prevent things running smoothly.

Most of these are related to specific configuration issues or settings on customers’ machines. There are a number of things to check.

Podium has a component that runs inside SketchUp (the toolbar and dialog boxes) and some components that run outside it. These are the Render Manager the actual render window, and the image editor.

Information has to be sent between these applications. The two simplest ways of doing this are either streaming it internally or by creating a file.

The internal streaming process is similar to how the machine streams information from the internet. Most PCs have 2 pieces of security software to protect them against malicious software. The first is called a firewall. Windows has one built in, but some security software can be used instead. It acts like a gatekeeper for information streams, and tries to work out what information is harmless, and what might not.

Firewalls are the first source of problems for Podium renders.

Sometimes firewalls interpret the information passing to the Render Manager as suspicious, and block the process. The way to fix this is to create an ‘exception’ for the Render Manager component. This is a separate program called OOPR.exe and it is inside one of the Podium subfolders.

Firewall exceptions simply tell the firewall software which programs not to block.

How you create an exception will vary depending on what firewall you have.

For the normal Windows firewall there are instructions here:

Even if you have a different firewall (some antivirus software installs it automatically) the principal is the same but the process of creating an exception will be different. You will need to look at the Help files that come with it.

The easy way to check if this is causing your problem is to create a file with the render data in it. This is the Generate feature which writes a script to disk. In OOPR, you simply load the script. It bypasses all the internal streaming and is based around saving and loading files.

The second major source of problems for Podium is antivirus software.
Most antivirus software analyses programs when they run and tries to work out whether it is genuine or malicious, or whether there are malicious components hiding among genuine ones. Anything it suspects as potentially harmful is quarantined or simply not installed. If this is the case, your installation is likely to have some of the essential files missing.

Specific instructions to deal with this situation will depend on which antivirus software you have.

Finally, even if everything is installed properly, there are some plugins for SketchUp that we know interfere with it.

If you have other plugins installed, please let us know. The SketchUp Maxwell render plugin has a history of interference.

I understand people’s frustration with technology. Many of us have a very low tolerance threshold for problems!
Unfortunately however, just like with any tool, we ought to learn how to use and maintain them. This is true even with a pencil. We need to know which type to use eg HB, 4B and to sharpen it; and with soft pencils, to avoid touching or smudging work once finished. Technical pens were a lot more complicated!

It’s not particularly perceptive to say that the more complicated the tool the more you need to know. Many people seem to want computers to behave as simply as phones.

Unfortunately we are not there yet! Although this stuff seems complicated, a certain amount of understanding it is unavoidable.

If you haven’t run out of patience, let us know how you get on. You can also e-mail us at

Or You can reply here.


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I am sorry you are having problems rendering.

There is a page in our Help pages that says what should happen when you click on the Render button

The page also directs you to setting up the SketchUp scene for rendering with Presets, Save location, type of Sky you want.

There's also several videos but this one, covers setting up an exterior scene:

OK, so back the basic problem of "nothing" is happening.

Assuming the problem is not a blank image was rendered, the problem is likely, OOPR is not being invoked.

As Justin and Big stick have suggested, if OOPR (also referred to as the Podium Render Manager) is not appearing on the screen during processing scenes, must like a firewall is blocking OOPR.   Recently I have seen Windows 10 Defender/ Firewall aggressively blocking OOPR and even on occasion, delete the OOPR.exe.

The best way to test this is to use Generate Scripts.
But you seem to imply that Generate Scripts is not working at all.

Can you open Podium Render Manager (from the SU Podium pull down menu)?
If you can not open Podium Render Manager, I suspect that Windows Defender has either deleted OOPR.exe and done something so it can not be opened.

Please get in touch with if this is the case and we can do a remote access to your computer.  Typically the solution is to reinstall but also tell Windows Defender to make an exception of OOPR.exe.
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