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I have just downloaded the podium plant & tree plugin.
I thought they would render without a halo and they didn't.

See the pic attached...
far left is a plant from Podium Caretaker's house and it  renders fine.
Second from left isa  tree from the Podium plugin....bad halo
3rd and fourth palm trees were found in a model in 3D Warehouse and render nicely.

I don't really know much about transparent backgrounds and why Podium has had an issue with them so I am asking this as a genuine concern as I just spent an hour downloading a 400meg file and to quote Podium download page...

" Podium will recognize the transparent backgrounds and render them beautifully "
Is there something special I should be doing to make them render beautifully?


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It is all down to the quality of the masking. Carefully masked images work perfectly, imperfectly masked images don't. The v1.7 engine's png masking is less accurate than V2's so more tolerant of poor quality images. Our plant library was created specifically for v1.x, but most images aren't good enough for V2. 

Michaliszizziou posted some tips on masking trees so that they render without the halos.

We are replacing the old library with a higher quality one just for V2.


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Thanks Bigstick. I will look up Michaliszizziou's post on masking trees and also look forward to the new tree library.

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