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When viewing 360 panoramas on a computer screen I've notice that there is quite a bit of distortion around the edges.  

For instance, with this 360 pan:

Couch Stretch.jpg 

When the couches approach the edge of the screen they stretch like crazy!  

I was wondering if anyone has viewed 360 panoramas through a high end VR headset such as the HTC Vive?

I have viewed 360 Panoramas through Google Cardboard, which was cool, but the image quality on those things is horrible and I would imagine the Vive would look much, much better.

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One of the main sources of distortion in panoramas is field of view in SketchUp. Generally it works best (i.e. least distortion) if you keep the field of view between 35-45 degrees.
You set this by clicking on the zoom tool icon and holding the shift key while dragging the mouse.

Another cause is not positioning the camera in the centre of the room.

Finally - you need to ensure that the camera is pointing directly horizontally, not slightly up or down. We created the 'reset tilt' feature (>Extensions>SUPodium V2.5 Plus>Tools>Reset tilt) to fix this.

If you don't get these things right, you will end up with a much greater chance of distortion.


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You can also select camera field of view in the pull down menu (same as the zoom tool icon), and then type in your desired view angle in the box in the lower right hand corner. Sketchup recognizes both degrees and mm. I do a lot of photography and understand this in terms of mm as related to lens focal lengths, so I use to that measurement.
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I have tested the oculus Rift at AIA (it was al older version tho) and the resolution was not great. Nothing beats a 4K TV or monitor [smile]
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