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Hello everyone, guys. Where can I find the grass texture in this picture. I have never worked in foreign affairs. Are trees vegetation available in the Podium browser? I took this scene raw. Everyone will process this scene on their rendering engines. I want to process in Prowalker too. Actually, this is a competition. But I have never worked in foreign affairs. I'll be happy if you can help me.

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It is perhaps not exactly what you're looking for, but there is a method to create a grassy field:
You could use other plants, grasses to get your results.
in the Browser there's a whole section on vegetation with all kind of grasses and trees.

There are other extensions for random placing objects, such as Compospray.


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This is 3d grass, it's not a texture. You absolutely can do this in Podium, but you need the grass components. I posted some here a while back, I'll see if I can find them.

The best plugin for this is Skatter, but bear in mind that the geometry count will be high, and render time will increase.


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