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Wondering if anyone can suggest how I can improve this image? All feedback is welcome.

Visit: for more examples of my work.

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This is a great render!

To further improve it I would suggest the following:
1. Skirting boards
2. Float everything from the surface on which it sits, by 1-2mm to improve contact shadows. In this view it's basically the kitchen units, the chairs and the table. If you add skirting boards, make sure they are above the floor by a similar amount
3. Everything is lined up too precisely. This is why we built the Nudge plugin in Podium Tools. It allows you to randomise position and rotation in any axis. 
4. Use a combination of 2 and 3 for the picture frames. Move them away from the wall slightly, Angle them so the top edge is slightly further away from the wall (pictures often don't sit perfectly flat) and randomise their position an rotation ever so slightly. This stops your scene looking so artificial. Most of us don't have OCD to the extent that we align our pictures on the wall to the millimetre! In reality the gaps would vary slightly, and the rotation wouldn't be precise. In many cases it's these almost imperceptible differences that makes the difference between something that looks realistic and something that looks real.
5. The material on the drinking glasses is not good enough. If you haven't got them from the Browser, you need to change the material settings. Have a look here.
6. Is that a lens flare on the cooker? If so, get rid of it., if not, there is something wrong with the glass setting on the cooker front.
7. Your stainless steel has too much reflectivity. 
8. What are the table and chair frames made from? If they are chrome, the material settings are wrong. If it's brushed aluminium or stainless steel, I think the material settings are still wrong. For Chrome use black or charcoal as your base colour. Use as much or as little reflectivity as you need. Depending on the view angle, you can use 50-80% reflectivity. I find that higher settings don't quite look right - they look too perfect for me.
9. What is the reflectivity setting on the floor? That could do with a better texture that doesn't look like a furniture showroom. It might be better with a little more reflectivity...
10. Try using an HDR preset and output format. You will get better post-processing results. Your image needs post-processing, whether it is PIE or Photoshop or GIMP. best not to use online photo editors - most of the results from those are not good. Professional visualisers use post-processing all the time. In the film industry it is also used. Very few people use raw renders or photographs or film any more. 


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