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I have searched the forum for a tutorial but can't seem to find one but I'm sure there must be one somewhere.

I have rendered a building in Podium and now need to add it into a photographed street scene in Photoshop, but I can't seem to get the perspective of the rendered building to align in anyway with the photo, some guidance would be much appreciated.

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sketchup has a photomatch feature so search for it on youtube. In my experience it will still be slightly off when rendering in podium but close enough that you can fairly easily "free transform" the render image layer in photoshop to make it more perfect. 

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Photo match works great. I have no trouble aligning the two images. here's what i do.
from sketchup I export my scene with nothing on but the background (before) photo at whatever resolution I want. 3840 x 1870 if you want to know, which corresponds to my monitor ratio.
then I turn on all the layers I want rendered, and in the edit style tab turn off the foreground and background photo. (uncheck the boxes) this turns off the photo.
I run podium for the same scene with the exact same resolution as the initial sketchup export.
that's it. I open both images in photoshop, drag one into the other while holding the shift key, and go on with PP from there. no alignment issues.
What I don't do is open the photo I referenced, try to combine, and then work off of that. I always use the version that was exported from the scene. I don't care about any extraneous "stuff" around the periphery of the image because I crop when I'm done anyway. by extraneous I mean empty space, or sketchup space, or podium rendered space.

I copied the above from this post,
If you’re interested in seeing a couple of examples, read more there.

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Thank you, that worked perfectly and pretty straightforward.
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