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It's always glad to share some tips of my workflow here.

As you could see in the topic.

Are you in the same shoes of mine?

Honestly,it does confuse me for a while when I started to use SU Podium to do my rendering jobs.

And I've been searching the best solution for a long time.

Even now I still think it's not the best way but I think it's easiest one that I've tried.

Here's a tiny tutorial of how to figure out.

First of all:Install an extension called ''Safe Frames'' developed by SketchUp team.

You could get the plugin in above link.


The next step:Set the best rendering region you love.

Safe Frame Control.png 

In any case,you're willing to show the best result for your clients.

Then you have to chose the best camera position,focal length,lighting...etc.

But it's a little bit hard to predict the rendering result in default resolution settings that SU Podium provides such as

640 x 480 , 1024 x 768...and so on.

default setting.png 

Now you could easily to predict the real rendering region in your SketchUp viewport by using ''Safe Frames''

How it works?and what should you notice when use it?

How it works?

Safe Frame.png 

Launch the extension and there will be a dialog shown in your screen.

What you have to do is key-in numbers into Aspect Ratio blank.

As I've mentioned, the resolution ''640 x 480'' its aspect ratio is 1.33.(640/480=1.33333)

Meanwhile,your SketchUp viewport will automatically set a mask layer to let you predict the rendering result.

※In this case,I chose a suitable rendering region that I want by entering different ratios and observing how the mask layer of SketchUp viewport shows.   

Safe Frame Set.png 

Maybe you will do some adjustments in this time.

And it's more predictable to understand what you really want.

In addition,when you've set the Aspect Ratio.It will show w x h resolution below the dialog.

And once you change width number then height number is also automatically changed in order to keep w x h resolution in the same ratio.

You can use it to chose preview renderings in lower resolution.And higher resolution to do final renderings.

What important is that rendering region is what you think the best result to show.


What should you notice when use it?

If you've noticed the different  focal length between above SketchUp viewports.

That's the only thing that you should notice when you use ''safe frames''.

※Actually I don't know why the plugin will automatically change focal length.

Turn on Aspect Ratio to render makes your result in a wilder rendering region like below image.

Fuction Bedroom-Frame.jpg #2_interior_bright_high

I bet that's not what you want,haha~

So...What should you do before rendeing?

The answer is a little tricky but leads to a correct result.

Duplicating a new scene from viewport with mask layer.

Then turn off Aspect Ratio and start to render.

Fuction Bedroom-PIE.jpg#2_interior_bright_high looks better right?

That's what I do to control results in my rendering jobs,and how about you?

Hopefully,you all like my tips and enjoy it!


BTW,if the sun light cannot make your space looks bright enough.

Just try ''bright presents'' in SU Podium .

It also works well than the tip that I've shared in previous post.



You're never wrong to do the right thing.

-mark twain


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Another one I moved to the Tips, Tricks and Tutorials Section. These will stay near the top, where I hope more people will find them for a long time in future!

That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche


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Nice tips, so the secret was to duplicate the scene with the mask on! Thanks Zeus!


thanks a lot for sharing them!


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Thanks - helpful again! Always interesting to see your ideas.
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