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mmm. suggestion for client presentation..If you have a License Google SU 6 Pro, try to look on Layout. Have you seen the power of Layout? it work side by side with SU. it's very interactive. you can even edit your skp file direct on this layout. Honetly its very EFFICIENT and it behaves like SU.I think it will also be the best tool for presentation particularly thesis work of the students.

IMHO the way i see it, as far as architectural presentation, you will forget corel and or any adobe software.  

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Thanks again for all the insightful advice. I love hearing from people with keen eyes such as you guys. I'll make some mods and post back.

Thanks for the presentation tip Nomeradona, I'll definitely look into it. Maybe after I get paid from this project I will invest in SU6.

Thanks again guys.

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