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Hi Guys,

This is a render for a Living Hall typically found in Singapore.

Living Room View.jpg 
Do give some feedback inorder for me to improve and provide more quality rendering. Thanks in advance!


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The render is pretty good actually!

The biggest problem is the lighting, which is just wrong I’m afraid.

You see the shadow of the fan on the ceiling? That simply shouldn’t be there and it indicates that you have used fill lighting in the middle of the room.


It’s destroying your whole lighting balance, ruining the indirect lighting and killing the subtlety of your shadows. 

First thing to do is take it out, and rely on the sunlight for your lighting.

The second thing to do is to fix the texture direction on the panel behind the TV. Something is very wrong there. Its always better to assign textures directly to geometry. If you want the texture to be randomised on the panels, make sure they are not components.

Finally, use the Nudge feature to randomise the position of your chairs. Right click some components and select Nudge Settings. Play around a bit 😉


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Thanks for the feedback. I will try and see the differencesin the rendering. 
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