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There have been some installation failures on the Mac.  It's a mystery to us because we can't duplicate it using several different Mac computers.  We have an updated Mac version coming out this week but I'm not sure if it will fix the install failure.

The best solution at this point seems using a shareware program called Pacifist from CharlesSoft -
This program will bypass the Podium Mac installer and install Podium to the correct folders.

First locate the folder where the install file for SU Podium V2 is.

Download Pacifist from and install it (drag the Pacifist file to the application folder.) Then run it.   It will ask for a package file. What you want to select is SUPodiumV2_SU7_1_01 or the SUPodiumV2_SU8_1_01file.

Next you can tell Pacifist to install or extract the Podium files.  There are 2 files and one folder.  ( SU_Podium_V2 folder and SU_Podium_V2.rbs and plsv2.rbs)

 Install is the easiest method.  It will install Podium files and folder to the correct, default directory which is MacIntosh HD\Library\Application Support\Google SketchUp 7 (or 8)\SketchUp\Plugins\

Once that is done.  Open SketchUp and see if SU Podium V2 is installed.  Render something and you will be prompted for a serial number once the OOPR gets going.

Once you enter your serial number and get a License accepted message, click Render again.

You can also extract files using Pacifist if the install option does not work

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