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So..I went for a major upgrade of my windows Desktop; a Nvidia GTX1070, a bigger power supply to still its hunger and a SSD for the Windows partition.
And bought me the ProWalker. I still will be using SU Podium, but for experimenting this is great.
My NY apartment with the Taraxacum88 chandeliers took me 6 hours to render in SU Podium.
With ProWalker it takes me about 10 minutes to render to a 10.000 samples.
Here some tests with HDR skies, rendered in Pr.
appartment-NY6-Walkerskp3-10.000smpls.jpg  appartment-NY6-Walker10.000smpls.jpg 
and one with Sky simulation:

Perhaps sometime there's going to be the best of both worlds?
The render engine of SU Podium working on GPU...

In the field I'll be using ProWalker mostly for my exterior renders.


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Possibly [wink]

Some nice tests though!


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