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Haven't posted in a while. here is a quick render i produced for a set of houses we are building. I think the range is over powering, and doesn't bring much to the image. so this may be removed and rendered.


Malc Flinn - Stapleford Development Plot 3 .jpg 


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This is a really nice render! I think the PP is a bit OTT though. 

The image looks a little too sharp for my tastes, perhaps soften it a bit and maybe add a slight vignette?

I think the Range Rover is fine, but the angle isn't quite right, it's too far down at the front and up at the back [wink]

I think a bicycle propped up against the wall or lying in the drive might be good too.

Detail is great. I love the ties on the tree in the front garden, but I think you need clips on your downpipes, and the angled bend needs to be a bit higher up.
Finally, I'm not sure if your reveal depth is right. Typically for residential houses we tend to use 100mm. This difference this makes is that the shadows in the reveals give the windows more definition.

But I'm nit-picking of course - it's really excellent work [thumb]


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Excellent, awesome.  Landscaping is great.
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