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Here is some standard UK housing I modelled in SketchUp and then rendered.

It was rendered using HDRi Sky, on exterior high. I then used Photoshop on the RAW image to add the grass, blur and more contrast etc.

The plants, trees, and cars are all from the Podium Browser.

Houses - Nat Ellis 3.jpg 
kind regards,


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Detail on the model is fantastic- as usual [wink]

I think you have overdone the blur in PS though, and personally I think it would be better with 2pp.

I would also have added a bit of variation between the semis. Maybe a window slightly ajar and some curtains inside.

Your glass looks a bit too reflective though. What are your settings? I use a charcoal colour with D0/T90/R10. Sometimes I add a texture with grey perlin noise at a large scale and add bump of 0.5 which gives you the not quite flat effect you see with glass.

Fabulous render though!


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The arrangement of the plants are fantastic.  I've been working on a Better Homes and Garden model
( using suggests from this gardening magazine.
But I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I looked at your model.

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This is great work Nat! Ive just sent you an email for some advice if you wouldn't mind 😉

got something similar in the oven but needing some extra "spark"

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