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Any of the dev's here able to comment on the performance impact we might see with the new RTX Nvidia cards? I immediately thought of GPU Walker when I saw the cards would have dedicated rayracing cores. 

Is this new raytracing an extension of their iRay that GPU Walker uses or something entirely different? 

For those who are interested, 1080ti's are a steal right now!

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I have contacted Nvidia directly about this and they tell me that although iRay (used in ProWalker GPU) does not take advantage of Turing technology in the RTX cores

iRay will work fine in a RTX card.  Presumably no different from a GTX 1080ti.

BUT...sometime, hopefully soon, iRay will take benefit from the RTX hardware acceleration offered by the new RT Cores.  This should be pretty huge for ProWalker GPU.  The reports are that raytracing can be 4 times faster although that remains to be seen.

Also, from what I have read there will be low cost RTX graphic cards, under $1,000. So you don't have to pay for a ridiculously priced Quadro and above. 

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Thanks for looking this!
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