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This looks AMAZING - wonder if podium will ever reach this level?

very cool... 

I'm sick of learning new software and having the thought of spending $$$$ for 3d studio. If podium ever reaches this level for sketchup, I will spend my last dollar to get it. The ease of use for podium is unmatched

podium 4ever

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I think he's mentioning "the power of 4 GPU's". Prob in sli mode. The cost of that is more than cost of majority user's entire setups. But the question is at what resolution is it rendering in real time? Window on his screen doesn't seem that large. I bet you can have results as fast as that with Podium and say 12 core mac @ 1024x768. 
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Could this thread be moved to the lounge of wish list?

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Hum. CPU + GPU accelerated GI...

Yeah I wonder if it was Take talked about; Nvidia GPU ray tracing.

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I was at an Architectural office for a seminar a few months back and they talked about using IRay in their office. Bottom line to get a 10+/- hr render done (very high quality renders) in minutes took 4  Nvida “tesla” equipped card in their own liquid cooled case out side of the computer it was attached to (cost around $20,000US). When they turned it on it shuts down other computer in the office, it produces enough heat that they were talking about a setting up a room for it with its own air condition and power supply! 

But to put it in perspective another guy talked about buying a special unit just a couple of years ago (around  $10,00) to do highly detailed rendering which a lot of us are doing  today for a fraction of the cost. That 10k unit is worhtless today....

Give it time and it will be affordable.

another thing to look at "Cloud rendering"


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Yup, we know all about realtime rendering and network rendering

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