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Just a suggestion, about the position of Podium Browser button


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It still needs to be in the main tool bar tho. It has lights and plants which has nothing to do with the advanced material window.
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Actually I totally disagree with this for the following reasons:-

1. This is a dialog for applying material properties not textures. Podium browser only has textures - as well as plants and lights. So nothing in the browser is relevant here.

2. Buttons in the middle of dialogs like this are not only totally against UI design principles, and inconsistent with the rest of the interface, it's also plain ugly.

When we implement fully configured Podium materials in the browser, we could have a button labelled something like 'Get materials...' but that wouldn't be an effective workflow. The way it would work is, open Podium browser, select material, apply to surface, open Materials Editor, edit.

If you have the Materials Editor open, and Podium Browser, that doesn't leave much screen space (even assuming you don't have lots of other plugin toolbars) to actually orbit your model to apply the materials to surfaces. You would probably spend more time clicking to move your dialogs out the way to assign your material, than just to bring up the materials editor after you have applied the material.

Very bad idea IMO.

What we ought to have here is a preview button to preview the current materials setting on a standard simple surface, like a cube for example, because SU's UV mapping doesn't do curved surfaces properly.


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