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A part of a real time project was to visualize the interior of a to build house.
The client want to get a idea how his living was going to look like, he had no wishes, except a dark wooden floor and a rural interior.
So I came up with this... (don't judge me too hard on colors and interior; I'm not a architect [wink]) But the client was very happy and that's what counts?

The preset was 2_interior_bright_default_2_HDR.pps, used a round about cilinder LEM of 20,  sun standard settings, shadows on.


I really appreciate PIE, but I do like to edit the render with the Camera RAW-filter from PS.
It gives me all of PIE with more subtle fine tuning.

This is the product of many testing materials, settings and colors... One thing I learned was not to use a strong texture for the dry wall and ceiling: it gives you very quick unwanted blotches. [frown] no matter what preset you use.

Comments-advise are as always welcome!


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Nice Drawovis, good amount of detail to show the style and feel of the space.


In my opinion I would change the reflection on the stove (too shiny more opaque and rough), light on desk lamp it's on ( it creates a light on the ceiling) and maybe some advanced glass material on the cabinets on the kitchen and I suppose we have an integrated countertop extractor instead of a range hood, plus I will add some suspended lighting on the counter.


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Thanks Andres!
The living room light was first more obvious, but that was before I changed the color of the wall. I didn't want a extractor hood here, so it's in the countertop indeed.
Lights under the cabinets is a good one.
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